Invention Disclosure

An invention disclosure is a written record of an invention.  It should include among other details the date of the invention, a conventional problem being solved by the invention, novel features of the invention, names of inventors and how each inventor contributed to the various aspects of the invention, and alternative designs of the invention.  The invention disclosure may be provided with detailed instructions, so that it may be completed by the inventors. 

See Sample Invention Disclosure Form.

The invention disclosure may be structured in the form of a patent application, with a title, a background, including a description of the problem solved by the invention, a summary of the novel features, a detailed description of the invention, and supporting drawings, so that it may be filed as a provisional patent application.  This would be especially useful and provide for the efficient filing of provisional patent applications when the first to file provisions of the America Invents Act becomes effective in March of 2013. 

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