Asserting Intellectual Property Rights

Patent owners spend valuable resources developing products and services, for which they seek costly intellectual property protection.  A patent grants the right to exclude others from making, selling and using the patented, or claimed, invention.  However, the enforcement of patent rights requires knowledge that the patent claims are infringed.  However, infringing products often go undetected

It may be worthwhile for patent owners to review competitor products in view of their patent portfolio.  A good time to do this is often during product tradeshows, when competitors are all gathered in one place boasting their products.  The internet is a great tool for use in proactively reviewing competitor products. 

Engineers and marketing personnel are often intimate with competitor products.  If a certain product is believed to infringe a patent, that product can be evaluated by a competent patent attorney for infringement.  This may require the patent owner to purchase the product. 

An article entitled “The Next Wave,” published on on February 1, 2009, asserts that companies are expected in economically trying times to “dust off” their patents and look for anything that might be deemed to violate their intellectual property rights. 

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