Patent and Trademark Watch

A patent or trademark watch is a periodic review of newly issued patents, registered trademarks, and/or published applications.  A patent watch may be based on a search for patents assigned to competitors, naming particular inventorsdisclosing particular products, classified in designated classes and/or subclasses, and/or having particular keywords.  The watch can also be limited to designated geographical regions, typically where products are made or sold.  A trademark watch is based on a search for newly filed trademark applications. 

The watch can be conducted weekly, monthly or quarterly.  If the watch is limited to the United States, search results can be generated on Tuesday, when US patents grant and when the Official Gazette for Trademarks publishes. 

It should be noted that the USPTO publishes US patent applications on Thursday, and on that day, the USPTO updates its patent application full text database.  The official publication day for the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is Friday

If a patent watch is intended to capture US patents and published US patent applications, as well as European patent publications and International patent applications, a search query that is run on Tuesday may include, as search authorities, the EPO and WIPO.  Such a search will capture US patents granted on that Tuesday, US patent applications published on the previous Thursday and European patent publication and International application published on the previous Friday. 

Internet-based search tools and services, such as Delphion, Thomson Reuters and TotalPatent (the latter being available through LexisNexis), which are also available on a commercial or subscription basis, may be set to schedule a patent watch as desired.  See Patent Research page.  A trademark watch may similarly be scheduled. 

Among other uses, a patent and trademark watch service is especially useful in monitoring competitor activities.  It is especially advisable after completing a clearance opinion to watch for patents and published applications that postdate the opinion.

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